Friends & Founders of Tally Foods Kyle Watts and Jon Gabayzadeh discuss business and entrepreneurship.

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Episode 8 | Real Talk: Are you willing to grind?

Calling grocery stores individually. Getting pumped about an $800 sale. Flipping product through the distributor system unit by unit. Are you willing to grind? 

Episode 7 | Get Your Sleep, Jon! Innovation Announcements + Company Updates

Jon and Kyle share important company updates regarding customers, first shipments, and new product innovation. 

Episode 6 | 1,000 Calories Burned in <40 Minutes on a 2005 Elliptical Machine

Jon and Kyle give some critical business updates, reflect on their participation in the Naturally Boulder Innovation Showcase last week, as well as their meeting with ...

Episode 5 | Business Update and Fundraising Tips

tally KIDS will be showcasing & sampling product at the Naturally Boulder Investor Showcase this upcoming week on Thursday, February 23rd! Jon and Kyle debrief on curr...

Episode 4 | Building a Pro Forma P&L + Our First Production Update

When it comes to your numbers: Get tight, Get right! Jon and Kyle explain the 6 major parts of a Pro Forma P&L and how they built and iterated a successful one for Tal...

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