Friends & Founders of Tally Foods Kyle Watts and Jon Gabayzadeh discuss business and entrepreneurship.

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Episode 10 | Part 2: Special Guest: Nick Longo, Graphic Designer

We get back in the booth for a full conversation with our graphic designer, Nick Longo of Longo Designs! 

Episode 10 | Part 1: Special Guest: Nick Longo, Graphic Designer

Special Guest! Nick Longo, Graphic and Packaging Designer for Tally joins Kyle to discuss upcoming packaging changes and design strategy. We had a technical travesty r...

Episode 9 | Toddler Formula Nutritional Deep Dive with Dr. Fluegel, Ph.D

Tally's Nutritional Biochemist, Dr. Susan Fluegel Ph.D. takes Jon and Kyle through the nutritional details of Tally Organic Oatmilk Toddler Formula. 

Episode 8 | Real Talk: Are you willing to grind?

Calling grocery stores individually. Getting pumped about an $800 sale. Flipping product through the distributor system unit by unit. Are you willing to grind? 

Episode 7 | Get Your Sleep, Jon! Innovation Announcements + Company Updates

Jon and Kyle share important company updates regarding customers, first shipments, and new product innovation. 

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